SuperGreen Solutions Franchise Information

SuperGreen Solutions Franchise Information

The Right Business at the Right Time: SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions is proud to be a ‘one stop energy efficient solutions shop’ that uniquely combines International and National group buying power with the small town values of personal service, range and quality. We lead the market as advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions. We are different because we look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view, and provide our clients with total solutions.

Why SuperGreen Solutions is the Right Business at the Right Time

Energy is big business. In recent years there has been an explosion in global growth within in Advanced Energy sector from Energy Supply to Energy Demand Products consumers, industries and businesses alike are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency, reduce costs and make a positive impact on their environment. The SuperGreen Solution concept is positioned well for growth.

  • Solar Power Grew 39% year over year to a $22.5 billion industry, capping four-year growth of 173%-nearly tripling revenue of $8.2 billion.*
  • Revenue from Building Efficiency products and services-has grown over 43% over 4 years.*
  • The Advanced Energy market grew to just under $1.3 trillion in global revenue, a 12% increase over 2013.*
  • Revenue from Wind Power Grew 40%, to $95 billion globally.*

*Advanced Energy Now 2015 Market Report: Global and U.S. Markets by Revenue 2011-2014 and Key Trends in Advanced Energy Growth

What Makes Us Different

  • Exceptional Training - Provide international training, experience and accreditation. Training has come from the A.B.S.A (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors), B.E.R.S. Pro (Building Energy Rating System) software training, H.I.A. Greensmart Accreditation and local LEED membership and training.
  • Competitive Pricing - backed by and linked to international buying group including; Allsafe Energy Efficient Products of Australia, Green Power Solutions of USA and Australia and the USA’s United Franchise Groups large quantity of store locations.
  • State of the art Showrooms – Builders are encouraged to send clients to our state of the art showroom, where we visually display and demonstrate features, benefits and long term savings delivered through green products.
  • Product range – just as the needs of your client base are diverse, so too is our product range. We provide complete product solutions combined with expert advice on improving energy efficiency.
  • Installation - We only utilize professionals to install our products. This ensures we meet manufacturer specifications, ensure we adhere to relevant building codes, while ensuring customers receive long term warrantee benefits for our customers.